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viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

Cross the Streams Radio Show Ep. 12

Celebrando el ya pasado Día de San Patricio con otro episodio del programa de radio de Cross the Streams, con artistas especiales, Scott Silver (SLC Ghostbuster), Bol Holbrook y Jeff Chrismer (GB Nightsquad) y Kevin James de Ghostbusters United.

Contenido de este episodio:
Show 12
GB 3 News
Ontario Ghostbusters Commercial
Roundtable Topics:
Mattel looking to reveal next prop at SDCC?
Mattel once again clears up confusion regarding 6″ Slime Blower Winston Zeddemore figure
The Real Ghostbusters fan film now available…your thoughts?
Episode #6 of Ghostbustin’ 911 now available…thoughts on this?
Ghostbusters: Infestation #1 available now + review. IDW releases Infestation app
Ghostbusters United Franchise Newsletter now available
Shout out to The Philadelphia and The Louisiana Ghostbusters for their charity raising!
SLC New Fan Film?
Custom Mattel GB Accessories.
Dan Aykroyd Watching Us?
Mellow Moments with Ernie/Ernie on GB Bishoujo statue
Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime!
Upcoming Ghostbuster Franchise Events!
Goodbyes/Contact Info

Link para bajar el episodio 12 aquí

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